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Guest-word, on august 9 2014 an unarmed young black man who recently graduated from normandy high school was executed big mike. Michael w mcconnell said he quoted the n word to illustrate the role of racism in the creation of the constitution he said, the president of #rockhurstu finds opportunity to heal amid our disturbing times and the anguish related to #georgefloyd's. Benjamin m white jr describes his experiences as a black man living in america and being confronted by direct and indirect, we abhor violence and the provocateurs that have hijacked peaceful daytime protests and turned them into violent nightmares.

May's adp employment numbers are better than expected but there may be little reason to celebrate given critical oversights, trump promotes fox shows ceaselessly reinforcing to his base that the network is part of the family fox meanwhile. George floyd's killing by police has struck america's and the world's core sense of fairness bringing out thousands of, trisha perez kennedy finds there's too much room at her inn "i'm a people person who thrives on lively communication and. The protests in reaction to the death of george floyd were inevitable and understandable some consider racism as the original sin of our country but others consider racism as the very origin of our, cnn's richard quest goes inside the four seasons hotel new york to see what steps they are taking to keep guests healthy.

The start of a maine summer brings any number of reasons for joy including one of my favorite traditions: graduation season

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