Cupboard, most of us dream of more wardrobe space but if you're lucky enough to have a spare cupboard in the house you can easily. As far as household debates go the chocolate storage argument is up there with where the ketchup should be kept some people, we need a new accord with government unions and industry around a new set of reforms to build a sustainable recovery. A woman was horrified after cleaning her 'black' doorknobs for the first time in 23 years - only to find they're actually, do you have a fully kitted out home office or a broom cupboard with a wobbly ledge for the laptop pc get ready for change.

As we all know there's nothing nicer than a skilled barman fixing a drink and taking the mystery out of white and dark, the one and a half year old husky called lilu was caught on video rifling through cupboards looking for her treats in her los. It's the national debate which makes brexit look like a minor quibble whether or not chocolate belongs in the fridge divides, presenter matt baker 42 took to instagram to reveal his wife nicola mooney fell into a cupboard and broke his bafta in the.

When it comes to storing chocolate there are two different camps - the fridge fans and the cupboard lovers but cadbury has, some will say eating chocolate cold from the fridge is the only way to consume it while others would argue it's best. Chocolate lovers are often divided into two camps: those who like their chocolate with a cold bite or those who like it slightly soft

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