Black, protesters enraged over two unarmed black people killed by police led to a minneapolis precinct being stormed and the. The cdc expects the us death toll from the virus to reach 123 000 by june 20 and a historic cancellation in boston, astronomers have caught a black hole hurling hot material into space at close to the speed of light this flare up was. At least seven people were shot thursday night in louisville as protesters turned out to demand justice for breonna taylor a, the three people who repeatedly identified themselves as members of the media were later released after the governor.

For many white americans exposure to what it is like to be black in the united states often comes through black athletes and, for many black men viral videos featuring the killings of other black men can weigh heavily watching the disturbing footage. The most recent incident of an unarmed black man dying after an encounter with police should not deter the long running quest, journalist omar jimenez had just shown a protester being arrested when minneapolis police officers surrounded him without. A town hall meeting was filled with raw emotion from black leaders as local police chiefs stepped forward to answer questions, cnn reporter omar jimenez along with two members of his producing team was arrested early friday morning while covering the.

Minneapolis officials called for calm thursday as they girded for fresh violence after a second night of demonstrations over

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