About The Committee to Destroy ISIS

The people of West Iraq can defeat Da’esh, build a vibrant state in which security, prosperity and justice are real, and preserve the secular idea of Iraq if we have a reason to do so. The time has come for autonomy for West Iraq: no more sectarianism, no more power vacuums, no more endless suffering. We can do better, and we will.


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Iraq has descended into madness, but it didn’t, and doesn’t, have to be this way. Sectarianism has pitted Muslim against Muslim while Christians, Yezidis and many others are being killed in the cross-fire.

If a secular Sunni state in those areas now controlled by ISIS/Da’esh can restore balance and stop the spiraling violence, it is a step worth pursuing.


Security, Autonomy, Justice

Destroying ISIS requires an alternative. And that alternative is a tolerant, secular homeland for Sunnis and people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds in Western Iraq.